FCC Board of Directors

Chair: Lila Cavasos, National Youth Advocate Program
Vice Chair: John Cooper, Kids Central
Treasurer: Anna Baznik, IMPOWER
Secretary: Stephen Pennypacker, Partnership for Strong Families
Chair Emeritus: Shawn Salamida, FamiliesFirst Network of Lakeview
Directors: Glen Casel, CBC of Central Florida
Carol DeLoach, Devereux CBC
Lisa Kroger, Devereux Florida
Bob Miller, Family Support Services of N.FL.
Nadereh Salim, Children’s Network of S.W. FL
Diane Schofield, Hands of Mercy Everywhere
Mike Shaver, Children’s Home Society
Mark Wickham, Youth & Family Alternatives
Elizabeth Wynter, Selfless Love Foundation

FCC Foundation

Chair: Carol DeLoach, Devereux Community Based Care
Vice Chair: Elizabeth Wynter, Selfless Love Foundation
Treasurer: Mark Jones, Community Partnership for Children
Secretary: Tom Lukasik, 4Kids of South Florida
Chair Emeritus: Mike DiBrizzi, Camelot Community Care
Directors: Brian Bostick, Eckerd Community Alternatives
Jim Carlson, Brevard Family Partnership
Pam East, Big Bend Community Based Care
Brad Gregory, A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay
Eva Horner, One Hope United
April Lott, Directions for Living
Dusty Pye, Lutheran Services Florida
Brena Slater, Sarasota Family YMCA Safe Children Coalition
George Sheldon, Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe